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UCIRA Planning Grants

The UC Institute for Research in the Arts (UCIRA) recently announced the launch of three new areas of interest:
• Social Ecologies: California-centric embedded arts research
• Social Technologies: New models of value exchange
• Integrative Methodologies: Re-negotiating the art/science paradigm

UCIRA has a small amount of funding ($500-2500) available to individuals/groups wishing to convene to explore the possibility for new collaborative area(s) of research and/or project development in relationship to one of these three areas. These funds can also be used to travel to relevant sites/resource areas to learn from other similar projects and consult with advisors there, and/or to identify collaborating partners/organizations for subsequent stages of the potential project.

UCIRA recognizes that not every planning grant will lead to a new collaboration; however, if a substantial project/area of inquiry develops from the convening, applicants may work to develop a preliminary proposal for initiative-related funding in subsequent years.

Deadline for proposals is February 15, 2010. Interested applicants should visit the UCIRA website or contact UCIRA Associate Director Holly Unruh for more information.


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