Santa Cruz Linguistics and Philosophy Group


    About the Cluster

    The Santa Cruz Linguistics and Philosophy (SCLP) group is an interdisciplinary reading group at UC Santa Cruz consisting of faculty and graduate students from philosophy and linguistics. The focus of the group is in the areas of formal semantics, the philosophy of language, and philosophical logic. SCLP began life as the Santa Cruz Language and Linguistics Group (SCLL). Since 2004 it has hosted a Distinguished Visitor Series which has been generously supported by UCSC’s Institute for Humanities Research, the Linguistics Department, and the Philosophy Department.

    Affiliated Faculty

    Pranav Anand, Assistant Professor of Linguistics
    Adrian Brasoveanu, Assistant Professor of Linguistics
    Sandra Chung, Professor of Linguistics; Director of Linguistics Research Center
    Jonathan Ellis, Associated Professor of Philosophy
    Donka Farkas, Professor of Linguistics
    Jim McCloskey, Professor of Linguistics

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