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“Legacies of the Sent-down Youth Movement in Contemporary China”

“Legacies of the Sent-down Youth Movement in Contemporary China” Conference

April 28,2014

Humanities1, Room 210

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This conference explores the contemporary legacies of the sent-down youth movement that accompanied the Chinese Cultural Revolution (1966-76), during which approximately 15 million urban youth were sent to live in rural villages and state farms for up to ten years. This is a timely moment for such a workshop, as an increasing number of scholars in China are engaged in research on this subject, a result of the cottage industry of individual memoirs, collections of letters, diaries, and archival materials that have been published.

Although all of the conference participants have conducted research on historical aspects of the movement, they share a concern with the legacies of that movement for contemporary China: the large percentage of the current political leadership (including President Xi Jinping) that were sent-down youth; the implications of economic relationships established in the context of the sent-down youth movement for contemporary economic development; and social issues facing the post-sent-down youth generation. Participants from China and the U.S. include historians, sociologists, and political scientists./p>

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