Digital Humanities & Digital Scholarship Commons

    On Campus Resources for Digital Humanities Work

    The Digital Humanities Research Cluster

    Supported by the Institute for Humanities Research, this community of UCSC faculty, students, and staff are engaged in using technology to define new modes of research, analysis, publication, teaching and learning.

    There is a clear trend towards the integration of digital technologies in Humanistic research and teaching and we are envisioning what Digital Humanities looks like at UCSC. Together, we will inform, support, and enrich current individual Digital Humanities projects and foster new ones.

    We host both regular and special events, including a lecture series, hands-on workshops, and reading groups. Through these events, our Research Cluster actively supports and encourages faculty, instructor, and student interest in:

    • -Digital Pedagogy
    • -Trends in Digital Humanities
    • -Project Development and Incubation
    • -Critical approaches to Technology and New Media

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    Digital Scholarship Commons

    This new space is equipped with workstations that enable mapping, 3D modeling, digitization, statistical analysis, digital exhibit building, text analysis, and big data visualization.

    The Digital Commons supports scholarly and academic activities conducted or enhanced through the use of digital technology by:

    • -Providing technology, infrastructure, and tools that support digital scholarly activity.
    • -Incubating new digital projects with community members.
    • -Serving as a hub for digital activity to connect researchers, instructors, and students with available services on campus.
    • -Hosting events and workshops that invite and showcase new modes of scholarly production in a broad range of fields
    • -Engaging in research and development work on tools and technologies that support our projects and contribute to the broader understanding of digital scholarship and scholarly communication.

    Digital Commons Open Consultation Hours
    The Digital Commons in McHenry Library will be staffed for DROP-IN HOURS on Tuesdays, 2 – 4 pm. Bring your project ideas and research questions.

    McHenry Library, Ground Floor
    David Kirk Media Center

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    Rachel Deblinger, Director, Digital Scholarship Commons

    Rachel is trained as a Jewish Historian and her research explores Holocaust memory and American Jewish philanthropy. She is the author of Memories/Motifs, an online exhibit built in Scalar, that invites visitors to read, hear, and see Holocaust survivor narratives from the early post war period.

    Consultation Areas & Interests: Getting started with Digital Humanities, Digital Exhibit Building, Digital Research Methods, Personal Archives & Research Databases, Alt/Ac, Online Publishing, and Public Scholarship

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