Critical Leisure Studies 2015-16

    While Leisure Studies as such is institutionalized as a professional training program for working with public recreation, children, disabled people, and the elderly, the Critical Leisure Studies research cluster proposes we seriously consider the category of leisure as a social, political, and economic construct with implications for the affective relations between and biopolitical disciplining of bodies.

    The Critical Leisure Studies research cluster will enable collaborative research and discussion around the following themes:

    Histories of hierarchy

    The gender of nonwork and alienation

    Capital, technologies, and games

    The biopolitics of leisure

    Leisure and citizenship


    The research cluster will host a quarterly series of on-campus workshops, seminars, and talks. These interdisciplinary, intergenerational forums will enable the discussion and collaboration creative connections necessary to address the research questions brought together by Critical Leisure.


    UC Santa Cruz Faculty Participants

    Chris Connery, Literature

    Lucas Fain, Philosophy

    Michelle Glowa, Environmental Studies

    Dean Mathiowetz, Politics

    Bob Meister, History of Consciousness

    Lisa Rofel, Anthropology

    Warren Sack, Film + Digital Media

    Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Computational Media


    UC Santa Cruz Graduate Student Participants:

    Isaac Blacksin, History of Consciousness

    Caroline Kao, Anthropology

    Joe Klein, Anthropology

    Cecelia Lie, Feminist Studies

    Trung Nguyen, History of Consciousness

    Lilian Thaoxaochay, Anthropology

    Jess Whatcott, Politics

    Aaron Wistar, History of Consciousness



    February 9, 2016: Critical Leisure Studies Winter Seminar: Introduction & The Right to be Lazy

    October 27, 2015: Melissa Gregg: “8 Hours for What We Will”

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