Contemplative Pedagogy 2015-16

    Contemplative pedagogyContemplative Pedagogy in higher education is an integrated approach to teaching and learning that focuses attention on learning as a transformative process rather than exclusively as a process of accumulating knowledge. It seeks to cultivate thinkers and responders rather than consumers of knowledge. The goal of contemplative pedagogy, as articulated by the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society, is to engage in intellectually rigorous research and pedagogy that fosters “true community, deeper insight, sustainable living, and a more just society.”



    Professor Nathaniel Deutsch, Director, IHR

    David Donley, Graudate Student in Philosophy

    Professor Jonathan Ellis, Philosophy

    Professor Jody Greene, Literature

    Professor Sean Keilen, Literature

    Christina King, Lecturer in Writing

    Professor Dean Mathiowetz, Politics

    Heather Shearer, Director of the Writing Program

    Nickolas Knightly, Graduate Student in Philosophy

    Scott Riley, Graduate Student in Literature

    Cynthia Tibets, Graduate Student in Philosophy



    April 17, 2016: Contemplative Pedagogy Symposium

    April 16, 2016: Contemplative Pedagogy Symposium

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