Research Clusters

Center for World History

    The World History Research Cluster aims to revive and re-envision an inactive research center.  We will focus on new research in, and theoretical discussions of, world and transnational history.  Of particular interest is discussing sub-themes, approaches, or world regions that best serve the research interests of our scholarly community, including but not limited to: global environmental history; oceanic regions, such as the Atlantic World; comparative gender history; and global indigenous histories.

    Towards this end the Cluster will sponsor a speaker series, a reading group, and a conference.


    UC Santa Cruz Faculty Participants
    Gregory O’Malley, History
    Ben Breen, History
    Marc Matera, History
    Maya Peterson, History
    S. Ravi Rajan, Environmental Studies
    Lynn Westerkamp, History
    and more…

    UC Graduate Student Participants
    Xiaofei Gao, History
    Kiran Garcha, History
    Rita Jones, History
    Muiris MacGiollabhui, History
    Priscilla Martinez, History
    Ben Pietrenka, History
    Martin Rizzo, History
    Andrei Tcacenco, History
    and more…

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