Pivot Startup Tutorial

The Pivot Database is useful for searching, saving and tracking funding opportunities

Account and Profile Features:

Account will allow you to search funding opps, set up alerts, save your searches, etc. To sign up for an account: https://pivot.cos.com/session/login

Your UCSC email address will provide you access to the site and will allow you to begin searching for funding opportunities. You can search by “sponsor” (NEH, ACLS, NEA, Mellon, etc) and this will give you the full list of deadlines for the upcoming year (a good thing to have at one’s fingertips). You can make more specialized “advanced” searches for your particular area of research, and you can save these searches, so that you may easily perform those searches again. In an advanced search you can narrow your searches by deadline, type of granting agency and the type of project you are hoping to fund.

Search box on your Pivot homepage:


Pivot also provides advanced tutorials for most of its features

Tutorial Link:

tutorial pivot

Profiles will link you in with Pivot’s “Advisor,” an algorithm based search that sends you potential funding opportunities based on what Pivot finds out about you on the web. If you have a profile with your department, you should make sure that it is up to date. The database should pull from here. This feature is not entirely reliable, but it is still in your best interest to ensure your information is up to date.

If you are not already affiliated as faculty (as a graduate student you usually are not unless you have taught your own courses) you can use the  “add scholar” button to request a profile. They will create a profile for you and you can add a small amount of information. Please let us know how this works for you (email jbeard@ucsc.edu with feedback on this feature).

This is our first academic year with Pivot. Please let us know (ipolic@ucsc.edu, jbeard@ucsc.edu) what your experiences are. Do you run into problems? Is something especially useful? Did you get a fellowship? Please keep us up to date!

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