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IHR Year-Long Dissertation Fellow

Karen Duek, Linguistics
“Meaning, Flexibility, Composition, and Co-predication”

Summer Dissertation Fellows (Summer 2016, Funded by the Graduate Division)

Veronika Zablotsky, Feminist Studies
“Diasporic Returns on Shifting Ground: Liberal Political Thought, Colonial Governance, and the Politics of Development in the Armenian Highlands”

Lindsay Weinberg, History of Consciousness
“From Mass Culture to Personalization”

Stephanie Montgomery, History
“Gender, Criminality, and the Prison in China, 1928-1953”

Summer Research Fellows (Summer 2016)

Xiaofei Gao, History
“Maritime Manchuria: Empire, State, and Labor 1905-1989”

Muiris MacGiollabhui, History
“Carrying the Green Bough: The Atlantic History of the United Irishmen”

Adrian Dummond-Cole, History of Consciousness
“The Highway and the City of God: Lewish Mumford’s Prophetic Response to the Automobile, Highway, and Suburb”

Benjamin Mericli, Linguistics
“Intonation and the Anticipation of Discourse Effect in Istanbul Turkish”

Wilson Miu, History
“Wise Husbands and Good Fathers: Domestic Masculinity in Republican China:

Samantha Williams, History
“‘That Was Our Home and It Needs to be Remembered:’ Erasing and Reclaiming the History of the Stewart Indian School”

IHR Public Fellows

David Donley, Philosophy
Santa Cruz County Jail

Ashley Herum, Literature
Santa Cruz Shakespeare

Kara Hisatake, Literature
Japanese American Museum of San Jose

Katie Trostel, Literature
The Center for the Study of the Holocaust and Religious Minorities in Oslo

Vivian Underhill, Feminist Studies
Northern Alaska Environmental Center

Claire Urbanski, Feminist Studies
Arizona State Museum

Talyor Wondergem, Feminist Studies
Cabrillo College

Sarah Papazoglakis, Literature
California Humanities



IHR Year-Long Dissertation Fellow

Kendra Dority, Literature
“Deciding the Letter: Toward an Ethics of Reading across the Classical Tradition and Contemporary Latino/a Studies”
Summer Dissertation Fellows (Summer 2015, Funded by the Graduate Division)

Meg Eppel Gudgeirsson
“Raising Tomorrow’s Child: Children, Gender, and Race in Nineteenth-Century Religious Utopian Communities in the United States”

Anna Greenwood, Linguistics
“The role of channel bias in naturalness effects: An experimental approach”

Martin Rizzo, History
“Life Within the ‘Mission Of Padre Killers’: Indigenous Persistence and Survival in 19th Century SantaCruz, California”
Summer Research Fellows (Summer 2015)

Melissa Brzycki, History
“Inventing the Socialist Child in China, 1945-1976”

Jason Ostrove, Linguistics
Phonology of Mixtec (Oto-Manguean) speakers from the Mexican municipality of San Martín Peras

Delio Vasquez, History of Consciousness
“Criminality and Politics: The Black Liberation Army, African-American Guerilla Movement of the 1970s”

Tsering Wangmo, Literature
The Reconstruction of Contemporary Tibetan Identity:
“Tradition, Nationalism, and Forms of Belonging”

Erik Zyman, Linguistics
“On the Nature of Syntactic Movement: “Superraising” in P’urhepecha”

Graduate Symposium Posters



IHR Year-Long Dissertation Fellowship

Joanna Meadvin, Literature
“Makhn Amerike / Haciendo la América / Making America”: Jewish Immigrants Write the Jewish Americas (1890-1970)

Summer Dissertation Fellowships (Summer 2014, Funded by the Graduate Division)

Nickolas Conrad, History
“Leaving the Church: studies in the dissolution of religious belief in France, 1870-1940”

Patrick Madden, History of Consciousness
“The Rise and Decline of Commercial Society: Adam Smith and the Problem of Historical Progress”

Sophia Magnone, Literature
“The Speculative Agency of the Nonhuman: Animal, Object, and Posthuman Worldings”

Lauren Shufran, Literature
“The Protestant Reformation and the English Amatory Sonnet Sequence: Salvation and the Trouble of Ending”

Dustin Wright, History
“‘You can stake our land but you can’t stake our spirits’: Dispossession and anti-military base struggle in western Tokyo”

Summer Research Fellowships (Summer 2014)

Jessica Barbata Jackson, History
“‘Racial Transients’ in an ‘In-Between’ State: Reinterpreting Anti-Italian Violence in 1890s Louisiana”

Isaac Blacksin, History of Consciousness
“Conflict Journalism and the Knowledge-Productions of War”

Melissa Brzycki, History
“Inventing the Socialist Child, 1949–1976″

Asad Haider, History of Consciousness
Title pending

Rita Jones, History
Title pending

Nicholas Kalivoda, Linguistics
“Agreement in Teotitlán del Valle Zapotec”

Muiris MacGiollabhui, History
“Jamaican Interracial Maroon Communities”

Jessica Neasbitt, History of Consciousness
Title pending

Lisa Schliz, Literature
“Violent Inscriptions: a Translational and Transnational Reappraisal of the Borderlands”

S. Ayana Smythe, History of Consicousness
“‘New representation regimes’: Questions of citizenship in Postcolonial Italy”

Erik Zyman, Linguistics
“The Syntax of the Verb Phrase in P’urhepecha”

Graduate Symposium Posters


IHR Year-Long Dissertation Fellowships

Heidi Morse, Literature
“Minding ‘Our Cicero’: Nineteenth-Century African-American Women’s Rhetoric and the Classical Tradition”

Noel Edward Smyth, History
“The Natchez Diaspora: A History of Indigenous Displacement and Survival in the Atlantic World”

Summer Dissertation Fellowships (Summer 2013, Funded by the Graduate Division)

Ariane N. Helou, Literature
“Figures of Voice in Early Modern Europe”

Joanna Meadvin, Literature
“Confluence of the new transitional focus in Jewish studies and the multilingual turn in U.S. literary studies”

Amanda Shuman, History
“The Politics of Socialist Athletics in the People’s Republic of China, 1949-1966”

IHR Summer Research Fellowships (Summer 2013)

Christopher Chitty, History of Consciousness
“After Homosexuality: Cities, War and Capitalism”

Kiran Garcha, History
“Black Panther Party families in California”

Evan Grupsmith, History
“Red Tourism in the People’s Republic of China”

Clara Sherley-Appel, Linguistics
“Differential Object Marking in Turkish”

Erica Smeltzer, Literature
“Urban Space and National Memory: the Narratives of Prague, Gdańsk and Berlin”



IHR Year-Long Dissertation Fellowships

Mark Norris, Linguistics
“Feature Representation, Manipulation and Realization: The View from Estonian and Icelandic Nominals”

Matthew Suazo, Literature
“Wetland Americas: Mapping the Literary History of New Orleans”

Summer Dissertation Fellowships (Summer 2012, Funded by the Graduate Division)

Raissa DeSmet Trumbull, History of Consciousness
“A Liquid World: Figuring Coloniality in the Indies”

Heidi Morse, Literature
“Minding ‘Our Cicero’: Nineteenth-Century African-American Women’s Rhetoric and the Classical Tradition”

Benjamin Pietrenka, History
“Bloody Unities: Transatlantic Moravian Identities and Early American Religious Radicalism”

Jeffrey Sanceri, History
“Voices Within the Walls: Children and Child-Centered Institutions in Los Angeles, 1890-1910”

Jeremy Tai, History
“Opening Up the Northwest: Reimagining Xi’an and the Modern Chinese Frontier”

IHR Summer Research Fellowships (Summer 2012)

Jeramy DeCristo, History of Consciousness
Kelsi Evans, History
Peter Fabian, Linguistics



IHR Dissertation Fellowships

Year-long Fellowship:
Kelly Feinstein-Johnson, History
“An Account of Notorious Robbers, Murders, and Sporting Ladies: The Visual Culture of English Broadside Ballads, 1660-1800”

Quarter-long Fellowships:
Trevor Joy Sangrey, History of Consciousness
“‘Put One More ‘S’ in the USA:’ The Productive Fiction of the Black Nation Thesis”

Matthew Tucker, Linguistics
“Variable Agreement: The Morphosyntax of Syntactic Binding”

Summer Dissertation Fellowships (Summer 2011, Funded by the Graduate Division)

Thomas Genova, Literature
Martha Kenney, History of Consciousness
Aliyah Khan, Literature
Sara Orning, Literature
Laurel Peacock, Literature

IHR Summer Research Fellowships (Summer 2011)

Elyse Banks, History
Jessica Beard, Literature
Ryan Bennett, Linguistics
Troy Crowder, History
Mark Norris, Linguistics
Alicia Romero, History
Sara Smith, History

IHR Research & Travel Grants

Jessica Barbata, History
Xiaofei Gao, History
Thomas Genova, Literature
Amanda Shuman, History
Andrea Thompson, Linguistics



IHR Dissertation Fellowships

Year-long Fellowship:
Scott AnderBois, Linguistics
“Composing alternatives, proposing issues: a view from Yucatec Maya”

Quarter-long Fellowships:
Lucian Gomoll, History of Consciousness
“Performativity and Difference in Museums”

David Palter, History
“Testing for Race: Lewis Terman, Psychometric Testing, and Asian Immigrants in Early Twentieth-Century California”

Laura Rosenzweig, History
“Hollywood’s Spies: Jewish Infiltration of Pro-Nazi Groups in Los Angeles, 1933-1941”

Michael Ursell, Literature
“‘If Words Be Made of Breath’: Inspiration, Book-Making, and the Renaissance Lyric”

School of Criticism and Theory Fellowship

Keegan Finberg, Literature
School of Criticism and Theory 2010 at Cornell University. Ithaca, NY

Seminar in Experimental Critical Theory Fellowship

Martha Kenney, History of Consciousness
Seminar in Experimental Critical Theory (SECT VII): Rewired: Asian/Technoscience/Area Studies. Manoa, HI

IHR Summer Research Fellowships

Laura Martin, History
Jeremy Tai, History

IHR Research and Travel Grants

Allison Athens, Literature
Todd Chretien, History
Kendra Dority, Literature
Christoph Durt, Philosophy
Fang Yu Hu, History
Michael Jin, History
Martha Kenney, History of Consciousness
Christine Lupo, Literature
Elizabeth Mullins, History
David Palter, History
Melissa Poulsen, Literature
Andrea Quaid, <Literature
Lisa Schilz, Literature
Edward Smyth, History
Robert Trumbull, History of Consciousness
Dustin Wright, History



IHR Dissertation Fellowships

James Illingworth, History
“The Rise and Fall of Free Labor Politics in Nineteenth-Century New Orleans”

Michael Jin, History
“Beyond Two Homelands: Migrations and Transnationalism of Japanese Americans in the Pacific, 1930-1955”

Eric Stanley, History of Consciousness
“Near Life, Queer Death: Violence, Value, and the Question of Vitality”

Christina Stevenson, Literature
“The Politics of the Room: Sexuality and Space in the Modernist Novel”

Robert Trumbull, History of Consciousness
“Derrida, Lacan, and the Psychoanalysis of Deconstruction”

School of Criticism and Theory Fellowship

Natalie Hansen, Literature
School of Criticism and Theory (SCT) 2009 at Cornell University. Ithaca, NY

Seminar in Experimental Critical Theory Fellowship

Jeremy Tai, History
Seminar in Experimental Critical Theory (SECT IV): Designing China. Shanghai, China

IHR Summer Research Fellowships

Noel Edward Smyth, History
Surya Parekh, History of Consciousness

IHR Research and Travel Grants

Dennis Brand, Literature
Christopher Brooks, History
Vera Gribanova, Linguistics
Fang Yu Hu, History
Abby Kaplan, Linguistics
Natalie Loveless, History of Consciousness
Kaija Mortensen, Philosophy
Michael Murphy, History
Noel Edward Smyth, History
Matthew Tucker, Linguistics
Kris Weller, History of Consciousness
Polly Zavadivker, History

*** Prior to 2009-10, the only fellowships available from the IHR were the Dissertation Fellowships. All of the graduate students listed below are the recipients of a quarter-long dissertation fellowship.



Lindsey Collins, History of Consciousness
“Trial by Mountain: Suffering and Healing in Difficult Landscapes”

Katie Kanagawa, Literature
“Girl Avengers: Revising Feminist Approaches to Sexuality, Violence and Power in Representation”

Lindsay Kelley, History of Consciousness
“The Bioart Kitchen: Art, Food, and Ethics”

Sandra Koelle, History of Consciousness
“Rights of Way”

Jacob Metcalf, Philosophy
“Ethics in the Open: Applied Ethics for Lively Worlds”

Carra Stratton, Literature
“Animal Poetics”

Robin Tremblay-McGaw, Literature
“Community and Contestatory Writing Practices in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1970-Present”



Shelly Chan, History
“Tales of Migration: Huaqiao (“the Overseas Chinese”) and China since the late 1800s”

Aaron Kaplan, Linguistics
“Noniterativity in Phonology”

Eben Kirksey, History of Consciousness
“First Voice Honey Center: Freedom in a Multinational Contact Zone”

Maia Ramnath, History
“The Haj to Utopia: Anti-Systemic Ideologies in the South Asian Diaspora, 1905-1930”

Astrid Schrader, History of Consciousness
“Dinos, Demons & ‘Women in Science’: The Politics of Temporality and the Possibility of Responsibility in Science”

Rebecca Woomer, Literature
“The Republic of Letters: Epistolarity, the Public Sphere, and the Rise of the Novel”



Johanna Isaacson, Literature
“Literature and Oppositional Culture in the Age of Financial Capital”

Andrea Lowgren, History
“Street Reputations: Mapping Women’s Sexuality in San Francisco, 1930-1965”

David Namie, Literature
“‘This Untidy and Romantic House’: Re-Articulations of Domesticity at the Fin de Siecle”

Monica Smith, Literature
“‘Rich Planter and Sallow Cracker’: Radical Whiteness and Class in the Historical Novels of Reconstruction”

Kristina Valendinova, History of Consciousness
“Psychosis, Psychoanalysis, Ethics”

Gina Velasco, History of Consciousness
“Imagining a Filipino Diaspora: Transnational Notions of Belonging”



Niki Akhavan, History of Consciousness
“The Iranian Internet: Interventions in New Media and Old Politics”

Angelina Chin, History
“Women’s Labor, Sexuality and Migration in Early 20th Century South China”

Julie Cox, Literature
“Contact Literatures in North America: Colonial French and English Influences on American Literature from the Sixteenth Century to the Early Twentieth Century”

James Issacs, Linguistics
“Suppositional Imperatives”

Alexis Shotwell, History of Consciousness
“Implicit Knowledge, Racial Formation, and Political Transformation”



Alexander Day, History
“‘The Rural’ in Twentieth-Century Chinese Radical Discourse”

Maria Frangos, Literature
“Melusine and her Futures: A Genealogy of Female Monstrosity from the Middle Ages Through Early Modernity”

Vera Lee-Schoenfeld, Linguistics
“German Syntax”

Krista Lynes, History of Consciousness
No working title

Denise Silva, Literature
“Mappings of Marginality in 19th and 20th Century City Literature”

Sirida Srisombati, History of Consciousness
“BKK-LAX: transurban mules and low-rent globalization:

Xiaoping Sun, History
“The New Life Movement: Building a Chinese Modernity with Traditional Virtues”



Sondra Archimedes, Literature
“Gendered Pathologies: Women, Sexuality, and Disease in Nineteenth-Century British Literature”

Corey Capers, History of Consciousness
“On the Streets and in the Vernacular: Race, Satire, and the Rhetoric of Difference in Early Republican Popular Politics”

Robert Halpern, Literature
“Between Autonomy and Engagement: Social Dissent and Artistic Innovation in the Work of Louis Bertrand”

Sherri Helvie, Literature
“The New Woman, Sexual Inversion, and Sex Panics”

Adalaine Holton, Literature
“Black Fictions: Renegotiating Race, Disrupting Time, and Revising Histories”

Pamela Kido, History of Consciousness
“The Emergence of Local Consciousness, Community, and Identity in Hawai’i, 1969-1971”

Anne Sturgeon, Linguistics
“Discourse, Syntax and the Failure of Complementarity”

Andrew Wedel, Linguistics
“The self-organization of sound-systems: spontaneous development of natural phonology in an analogical lexicon”



Victoria Banales, Literature
“Twentieth Century Latin American and Latin Women’s Literature and the Paradox of Dictatorship and Democracy”

Maria Elena Caballero-Robb, Literature
“Poetry and the Public Sphere: Politics, Participation, and Uncommon Speech”

Adam Geary, History of Consciousness
“A Gay Ascetics: Toward an Ethic of Safer Sex Activism”

Barbara McBane, History of Consciousness
“De-synchronizations: Sound-Image (dis)Juctions and Deviant Meanings”

Michelle Morton, Literature
“Utopian and Dystopian Visions of California in the Literary Imagination”

Christopher Potts, Linguistics
“Empirical applications of a model-theoretic syntax”



Margaret DeRosia, History of Consciousness
“Detecting Desire: Women in Film Noir”

Rodrigo Guitierrez-Bravo, Linguistics
“Fronting Operations and Subject Positions in Spanish”

Rebecca Hall, History
“African American Women in Slave Revolts: The Historical Construction of Racialized Gender”

Alexandra Haugh, History
“Colonial Encounters: Indigenous Siberians and the Muscovite Government, 1581-1700”

Casey Kile, Literature
“Shadows in the Forest: Native American and Slave Conspiracy in U.S. Literature, 1675-1862”

Barbara Ellen Logan, Literature
“The Askesis of Abjection: The Ethics of Everyday Suffering in Early Christian Martyrdom”

Emily Moberg, History
“Immigrant Covenanters: History and Political Theology in a Trans-Atlantic Context”

Joel Wilson, History
“Revolution on Trial: The People of California vs. Huey P. Newton



Luz Calvo, History of Consciousness
“Border Fantasies: Sexual Anxieties and Political Passions in the Mexico-U.S. Borderlands”

Maria Elena Ianetta, Literature
“Literary Melancholia, or the Refusal to Mourn: amnesia and anamnesis – memories of love, loss, and abjection in feminine writing”

Karen Kim, Literature
“Ambivalent Survival: Catastrophic Events, Fractured Narrative, and the Wounded Nation”

Michelle Ryan, History
“‘In My Hand For Lending’: Quaker Women’s Meetings in London, 1654-1699”

Adam Ussishkin, Linguistics
“The Emergence of Fixed Prosody”

Tiffany Wayne, History
“Woman Thinking: Feminism and Transcendentalism in 19th-Century America”



Ryan Bush, Linguistics
“Exhaustivity without Identificational Focus”

Valerie Forman, Literature
“Counterfeit Investments: Economy, Exemplarity, and the Question of Value in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Literature”

Helmut Langerbein, History
“Profiles of Mass Murder: The Einsatzgruppen Officers”

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