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Elaine Sullivan, History Department
“Constructing the Sacred: Visibility and Ritual Landscape at the Egyptian Necropolis of Saqqara”

Christopher Chen, Literature Department
“A House of Broken Things: Race, Commodity Form, and Post-Nationalist Identities in Contemporary US Experimental Poetry”



Nico Orlandi, Philosophy
Working Title: “Inference and Implicit Bias”

Maya Peterson, History
“Pipe Dreams: Water, Technology, and the Remaking of Central Asia in the Russian Empire and Soviet Union, 1848-1948”



Jennifer Derr, History
“A New Nile: the construction of the environment and the practice of the state in colonial Egypt”



Amy Rose Deal, Linguistics
“Types of Ergative Case”

G.S. Sahota, Literature
“Late Colonial Sublime: Neo-Epics and the Romantic Imagination in India”



IHR Fellows

Noriko Aso, History
“Mitsukoshi at War”

Christine Hong, Literature
“Legal Fictions: Afro-Asian Human Rights Cultural Production and the Pax Americana in the Pacific Rim”

Grant McGuire, Linguistics
“Voice Preferences and Vocal Imitation”

UC Society Fellows

Sharon Kinoshita, Literature
“The Worlding of Marco Polo” “The Worlding of Marco Polo”

Yiman Wang, Film & Digital Media
“Too ‘Chinese’ to play a ‘Chinese’: Anna May Wong, the Segregationist Era, and American Cinema”



IHR Fellows

Neda Atanasoski, Feminist Studies
“Afterimages of Empire: Adapting Race and Freedom in U.S. Cold War Culture, 1950-2000″

Catherine Jones, History
“Intimate Reconstructions: Children in Postemancipation Virginia”

Matt O’Hara, History
“The History of the Future in Mexico”

UC Society Fellows

Dorian Bell, Literature
“Frontiers of Hate: Anti-Semitism and Empire in Nineteenth-Century France”

Dana Frank, History
“Labor’s Own Empire: The AFL-CIO’s Cold War in Honduras, 1954-1980”



IHR Fellows

Hunter Bivens, History of Consciousness
“Exilic Topographies”

Adrian Brasoveanu, Linguistics
“Decomposing Natural Language Quantification”

Dana Frank, History
Book on the AFL-CIO’s intervention in the Honduran labor movement, 1954-1980

UC Society Fellows

Mayanthi Fernando, Anthropology
“Mayanthi Fernando Reconfiguring France: Muslim Citizens in the Shadows of Secularism”

Mark Franko, Theater Arts
“From Anti-fascism to Myth in the Work of Martha Graham (1938-1958)”



Alan Christy, History
“The Afterlives of War Monuments in Late Twentieth Century Japan”

Jaye Padgett, Linguistics
“Predicting Vowel Systems”

Eve Zyzik, “Acquisition of Grammar Through Idioms”



M. Victoria Gonzalez-Pagani, Language Program
“Computer Mediated Communication and Vocabulary Acquisition Background”

Minghui Hu, History
“Science, Civility, and Politics: Dai Zhen and the Dawn of Modern Chinese Thought”

Sharon Kinoshita, Literature
“A Companion to Marie de France”

David Marriott, History of Consciousness

Reyna Ramirez, American Studies
“Henry Roe Cloud: Intellectual, Activist and Policy-Maker”

Rasmus Winther, Philosophy
“The Third Scientific Image: Between Empiricism and Constructivism”



Pranav Anand, Linguistics
“Dream Reports and /De Se/ Expressions: An Experimental Investigation”

Louis Chude-Sokei, Literature
“The Sound of Culture: Caribbean Music and Black Technopoetics”

Sandra Chung, Linguistics
“Reference Grammar of Chamorro”

Jon Ellis, Philosophy
“Wittgenstein and the Philosophy of Mind”

Catherine Ramirez, American Studies
“The Lady Zoot Suiter”

Abraham Stone, Philosophy
“Husserl and Carnap as Responses to Husserl”

Rob Wilson, Literature
“Pacific Rim Triangulations: Transnationalizing ‘American Studies’ in the Era of Asia/Pacific Globalization and Postcolonial Emergence”



John Bowin, Philosophy
“The Philosophical Uses of the Concept Potentiality in Aristotle and his Commentators”

Vilashini Cooppan, Literature
“Global Literature: the Racial Imaginary and the Literary World-System, 1688-2000”

Teresa de Lauretis, History of Consciousness
“Death @ Work: Reflections for the End of a Century”

David Hoy, Philosophy
“The Time of Our Lives”

Catherine Ramirez, American Studies
“The Lady Zoot Suiter”

Karen Yamashita, Literature
I Hotel, a novel”



Jonathan Beecher, History
“The Making and Unmaking of a Christian Communist”

Brian Catlos, History
“Conflicts of Interest: Minority Administrative Elites in 14th-Century Aragon”

Jorge Hankamer, Linguistics
“Investigations in Scandinavian Nominals Structure”

Lourdes Martinez-Echazabal, Literature
“Art, Race & Revolution at the Cuban Crossroad”

Radhika Mongia, Feminist Studies
“Genealogies of Globalization: Migration, Colonialism and State”

Micah Perks, Literature
“‘Sweet Honesty’ – a contemporary and historical novel

Eric Porter, American Studies
“The Knot of Race”



Anjali Arondekar, Feminist Studies
“Perverse Subjects: Sexuality, Governance and the Colonial Archive”

Margaret Brose, Literature
“The Body of Italy: Allegories of the Female Figure in Italian Lyric Poetry”

Donka Farkas, Linguistics
“Project on the Cross-Linguistics Semantics of Verbal Mood in Subordinate Clauses”

Jody Greene, Literature
“Ego non sum Ego: Autobiography and the Advent of Print”

Sharon Kinoshita, Literature
“Dueling Palaces: Tributary Cultures in the Medieval Mediterranean”

David Marriott, History of Consciousness
“Letters to Langston”

Buchanan Sharp, History
“The Moral Economy in England, 1347-1660”

Richard Terdiman, Literature
“Taking Time: Modernity, Temporality, and Understanding”



Dana Frank, History
“A History of U.S. Labor and International Solidarity”

Norma Klahn, Literature
“Resurgent Mexico, The Novel and the Post-National Condition”

Bruce Levine, History
“Confederate Emancipation: Southern Plans to Free Slaves During the Civil War”

Cynthia Polecritti, History
“Nineteenth-Century Naples and the Urban Picturesque”

Julie Tannenbaum, Philosophy
Project on role of emotions in moral life



Karen Bassi, Literature
“Places of the Past: Home and Identity in Ancient Greece”

Mark Cioc, History
“Environmental Diplomacy: Ecological Interdependence and Twentieth Century Statecraft”

John Doris, Philosophy
“The Grammar of Freedom”

Lisabeth Haas, History
“The Chumash Rafael and the History of Colonial and Mexican California”

A. Yvette Huginnie, American Studies
“Mexican Labor in a ‘White Man’s Town’: Race, Class and Copper in Arizona, 1840-1925”

Alice Yang, History
“Memories of World War II in the United States and Japan”



Christopher Connery, Literature
“The Last Ocean: Water, the Oceanic, and the Pacific in the Capitalist Geo-imaginary”

María Elena Díaz, History
“Slave Emancipation and the Changing Meanings of Freedom in Spain and Cuba, 1780-1810”

Barbara Epstein, History of Consciousness
“The Minsk Ghetto Underground, 1941-44: Cooperation between Jews and Belarussians against the German Occupation”

Pascale Gaitet, Literature
“Caméra Arabe”

Jody Greene, Literature
“The Dangerous Fate of Authors: Literary Property and Authorial Liability in England, 1660-1730”

M. Victoria Gonzalez Pagani, Languages
“Computer Mediated Communication and Vocabulary Acquisition”

Sharon Kinoshita, Literature
“Cross Purposes: Alterity, Gender and Nation in Medieval French Literature”

Jerome Neu, Philosophy
“Fantasy, Forgiveness, and Self-Deception”

Geoffrey Pullum, Linguistics
“Challenging Linguistic Nativism”

Marilyn Westerkamp, History
“Anne Hutchinson, Sectarian Mysticism, and the Puritan Order”

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