Grant Proposal Process

Humanities 4 Step Grant Proposal Process:

Step 1: Notify Campus Community and Get Started

It’s important to include the campus community in your proposals to ensure the following:
• Your proposal and subsequent award are recognized in UCSC records and campus annual reports
• To ensure UCSC commitment
• To ensure your division and department are aware of your plans, which aids in curriculum planning
• To ensure UC policies and audit regulations are adhered to

Notify the following office to let them know that you intend to apply for extramural funding.
• Institute for Humanities Research, Associate Director: Irena Polic,
• Humanities Division, Financial Services, Finance Director, Lisa Oman,
• Office of Sponsored Projects, Humanities, Katy Wisuri,, and Suzanne Ziegler

At least one month prior to the proposal due date submit the following information to the offices above:
• The deadline to submit the application
• The agency guidelines for the application or include a link to them
• The award website
• Budget summary – a financial narrative is okay, the values will get plugged into a spreadsheet later

Step 2: Develop the proposal and budget with IHR and OSP

OSP and IHR will help you develop the proposal and budget. Send OSP draft budget at least 2 weeks prior to submission due date.

OSP will develop an outline of the award proposal and budget using UCSC templates (datasheet) which will be used in step 3 to route to your department Chair and division Dean for approval.

OSP offers a PI handbook which is meant to provide a guide for meeting the audit requirements of various funding agencies and for avoiding administrative problems.

Step 3: Secure Divisional Approvals

OSP will send your department Chair, and division Finance Director the items created in step 2: OSP data sheet and OSP budget.

The Department Chair, division Finance Director and division Dean will sign the documents which commits UCSC to the terms and agreements of the proposal.

Step 4: Submit the Proposal to the Granting Agency

OSP will submit your proposal on your behalf for Federal proposals and as requested for other submissions.  The PI submits proposals directly for some web-based grant proposal portals after OSP review.

Download a PDF of the 4 Step Grant Proposal Process

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