Research Fellows

IHR Faculty Fellows 2017-18

Renee Fox, Literature
“Necromantic Victorians: Reanimation and the Historical Imagination in British and Irish Literature”

Zac Zimmer, Literature
“First Contact: Rewriting the Conquest of the Americas”

IHR Year-Long Dissertation Fellow 2017-18

Melissa Brzycki, History
“Inventing the Socialist Child in China, 1949-1966”

(Funding provided by the Division of Graduate Studies)

IHR Summer Research Fellows 2017

Jessica Calvanico, Feminist Studies
“The Girl Problem” and the Origins of Juvenile Justice in Progressive Era New Orleans

Justin Gilmore, History of Consciousness
“The Contradictory Role of ‘Productivity’ as an Idea in the Postwar US Labor Movement”

Daniel Joesten, History
“‘Flooded with Outsiders’: Decolonization, Citizenship, and the Irish Diaspora in Interwar Britain”

Yuki Obayashi, Literature
“American Generosity and Ideological Superiority in the Hiroshima Maidens Project”

Claire Urbanski, Feminist Studies
“The Afterlife of Settler Colonial Carcerality: United States Militarization and the Racial and Sexual Politics of Corpse Excavation”

Ka-eul Yoo, Literature
“(In)visible ‘Red’ Hansenin, Han Ha-Wun: The U.S. Intervention on Hansen’s Disease in Korea after 1945”

IHR Summer Dissertation Fellows 2017

Jennifer Bellik, Linguistics
“Vowel Intrusion in Turkish Word-Initial Clusters”

Ana Karina Menezes de Morais, History of Consciousness
“Imperial Geographies: Ethnography, Museology, and the Cape-to-Cairo Dream”

Erin McElroy, Feminist Studies
“The Siliconization of Postsocialist Romania: Techno Imaginaries and Materialities”

Deniz Rudin, Linguistics
“The Semantics of Imperative Sentences”

(Funding provided by the Division of Graduate Studies)

IHR Public Fellows 2017

Danielle Crawford, Literature
Planning and Conservation League

Andrew Hedding, Linguistics

Ryan King, Feminist Studies
Digital NEST

Amani Liggett, Literature
Santa Cruz Shakespeare

Priscilla Martinez, History
Tucson Chinese Cultural Center

Jason Ostrove, Linguistics
Barra Heritage Centre

Delio Vasquez, History of Consciousness
Law Foundation of Silicon Valley

Kirstin Wagner, Literature
Catamaran Literary Reader


Ashley Herum, Literature
Santa Cruz Shakespeare

Humanities Undergraduate Research Fellows 2016-17

Dhyana Buckley, Linguistics
“Real World Entailments: A Semantic Approach to Improving Machine Learning”

Rose Greenberg, History
“An Investigation into the Intercolonial Slave Trade”

Armando Herrera, Literature
“Homosociality, Militarism, and the Nation; A Queer Analysis of Mario Vargas Llosa’s La Cuidad y Los Perros and Lituma en los Andes”

Cori Hoover, History
“Deir el Bahri Project”

Francesca Hovagimian, Philosophy
“Researching the Differences Between the Ethics Bowl Model and Traditional Debate”

Amalia Hubbert, History
“WWI Historical Research and Archival of the Laura Caldwell Collection”

Alexyss McClellan, History
“Tattooing and Assimilation in the Japanese Empire”

Krystal Mendez, Literature
“The Gothic in Transit: Nationalist Imaginations in French Translations of ‘The Monk’”

Robert Potmesil, History
* Bertha N. Melkonian Prize Recipient
“The “Forgotten Boat People:” Memories of Chinese-Vietnamese Refugees in the US”

Alma Villa, Sociology
“Precarious Housing: The Experiences of Low-income Latinx Communities in Los Angeles, California”

SSRC-DPD Fellows 2017-18

Social Science Research Council’s Dissertation Proposal Development Program

Aaron Aruck, History

Adrian Drummond-Cole, History of Consciousness

Kyle Galindez, Sociology

Jiyoon Jung, Music

Kirsten Keller, Anthropology

Kristen Laciste, History of Art & Visual Culture

Wilson Miu, History

Mauricio Ramirez, Latin American and Latino Studies

Kelsey Sasaki, Linguistics

Elia Vargas, Film and Digital Media

Maggie Wander, History of Art and Visual Culture

Stephanie Webb, Environmental Studies

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