Research Fellows

IHR Faculty Fellows

Elaine Sullivan, History
“Constructing the Sacred: Visibility and Ritual Landscape at the Egyptian Necropolis of Saqqara”

Christopher Chen, Literature
“A House of Broken Things: Race, Commodity Form, and Post-Nationalist Identities in Contemporary US Experimental Poetry”

IHR Year-Long Dissertation Fellows

Karen Duek, Linguistics
“Meaning Flexibility, Composition, and Co-predication”

IHR Summer Research Fellows

Xiaofei Gao, History
“Maritime Manchuria: Empire, State, and Labor, 1905-1989”

Muiris MacGiollabhui, History
“Carrying the Green Bough: The Atlantic History of the United Irishmen”

Adrian Drummond-Cole, History of Consciousness
“The Highway and the City of God: Lewis Mumford’s Prophetic Response to the Automobile, Highway, and Suburb”

Benjamin Mericli, Linguistics
“Intonation and the Anticipation of Discourse Effect in Istanbul Turkish”

Wilson Miu, History
“Wise Husbands and Good Fathers: Domestic Masculinity in Republican China” Working Title

Samantha Williams, History
“’That Was Our Home, and It Needs to be Remembered:’
Erasing and Reclaiming the History of the Stewart Indian School”

(Summer 2016)

Summer Dissertation Fellows

Veronika Zablotsky, Feminist Studies
“Diasporic Returns on Shifting Ground: Liberal Political Thought, Colonial Governance, and the Politics of Development in the Armenian Highlands”

Lindsey Weinberg, History of Consciousness
“From Mass Culture to Personalization”

Stephanie Montgomery, History
“Gender, Criminality, and the Prison in China, 1928-1953”

(Funding provided by the Division of Graduate Studies)

IHR Public Fellows

David Donley, Philosophy
Santa Cruz County Jail

Ashley Herum, Literature
Santa Cruz Shakespeare

Kara Hisatake, Literature
Japanese American Museum of San Jose

Katie Trostel, Literature
The Center for the Study of the Holocaust & Religious Minorities in Oslo

Vivian Underhill, Feminist Studies
Northern Alaska Environmental Center

Claire Urbanski, Feminist Studies
Arizona State Museum

Taylor Wondergem, Feminist Studies
Cabrillo College

Sarah Papazoglakis, Literature
California Humanities

Humanities Undergraduate Research Awards (HUGRA)

Dhyana Buckley, Linguistics
“Real World Entailments: A Semantic Approach to Improving Machine Learning”

Rose Greenberg, History
“An Investigation into the Intercolonial Slave Trade”

Armando Herrera, Literature
“Homosociality, Militarism, and the Nation; A Queer Analysis of Mario Vargas Llosa’s La Cuidad y Los Perros and Lituma en los Andes”

Cori Hoover, History
“Deir el Bahri Project”

Francesca Hovagimian, Philosophy
“Researching the Differences Between the Ethics Bowl Model and Traditional Debate”

Amalia Hubbert, History
“WWI Historical Research and Archival of the Laura Caldwell Collection”

Alexyss McClellan, History
“Tattooing and Assimilation in the Japanese Empire”

Krystal Mendez, Literature
“The Gothic in Transit: Nationalist Imaginations in French Translations of ‘The Monk’”

Robert Potmesil, History
* Bertha N. Melkonian Prize Recipient
“The “Forgotten Boat People:” Memories of Chinese-Vietnamese Refugees in the US”

Alma Villa, Sociology
“Precarious Housing: The Experiences of Low-income Latinx Communities in Los Angeles, California”

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